City of Trinity, Texas
City of Trinity, Texas

City of Trinity Ordinances

Animal Control Ordinance
Animal Control Ordinance.PDF
PDF File [855.8 KB]
Restricted areas for dogs on leash are prohibited
Ordinance 15-0001 Leash.PDF
PDF File [14.3 KB]
Misc. Nuisances
Discharging guns, fireworks, loitering, jake braking, etc.
Ordinance 15-0002 Misc. Nuisances.PDF
PDF File [86.1 KB]
No Thru Truck Zone
Ordinance 97-0102 Commercial Vehicles.pd[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [730.3 KB]
Street Solicitation
Ordinance 09-0001 Street Solicitation.PD[...]
PDF File [59.8 KB]
Improper Burning
Article 5.400 Improper Burning.PDF
PDF File [23.1 KB]
Parking Regulations
Article 10-400 Parking Regulations.PDF
PDF File [65.7 KB]
Rules & Regulations for Wrecker Services
Ordinance 23-0004 Wrecker Services.PDF
PDF File [56.8 KB]
Mobile Home Ordinance
Ordinance 16-0001 Mobile Home.PDF
PDF File [317.1 KB]
Property Maintenance
Article 6.100 Property Maintenance.PDF
PDF File [105.4 KB]
Junk Vehicles
Article 7.200 Junk Vehicles.PDF
PDF File [108.3 KB]
Accumulation of Garbage, Trash & Rubbish
Article 6.400 Accumulation of Garbage, T[...]
PDF File [22.3 KB]
Ordinance 17-0001 Pawnshops.PDF
PDF File [114.6 KB]
Backflow Prevention
Ordinance 19-0004 Backflow Prevention.PD[...]
PDF File [188.8 KB]
Cross Connection Control
Ordinance 20-0001 Cross Connection Contr[...]
PDF File [29.6 KB]
Shut-off Valve Requirement
Ordinance 23-0001 Shutoff Valve Requirem[...]
PDF File [450.7 KB]
911 Addressing
Ordinance 21-0002 911 Addressing.PDF
PDF File [73.8 KB]
Ordinance 23-0008 Sign Billboard.PDF
PDF File [60.8 KB]
Water & Sewer Rates
Ordinance 23-0006 Water Sewer Rates.PDF
PDF File [52.2 KB]
Garbage Rates
Ordinance 23-0007 Garbage Rates.PDF
PDF File [48.2 KB]
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